Investment Management Services
TND Capital offers our high net worth investors, as well as institutions, tailor-made solutions. First of all we get to know you as a person, we make a trustworthy connection that works both ways. We make sure your goals and plans are known to us, review your portfolio and assets. Each client’s risk tolerance, return requirements, geographical and other preferences are analysed. Customised mandates, usually across asset classes are prepared for approval.

Once approved, we aim to maximise the tailored objectives within such mandates using our expertise and strengths with or without the constraints of benchmarks. While the portfolios are under our management, clients receive personalised and enhanced service – including continuous updates on their portfolios, market and company research, access to their portfolio managers. All this is done with two main pillars of TND Capital’s relationship with the client.

Client always knows best

TND Capital works with you to help you realise your lifelong dreams and goals.

Control at all times

All of TND Capital’s clients are in full control of their assets, portfolio management, planning and implementation.


Market analysis, interpretation,exctraction and supply
In this day and age information is power. Sadly information is usually hidden in large amounts of raw data. This data needs to be found, indexed, interpreted and finally extracted in a form factor our clients feel comfortable to work with.  Investment does not need to be a complicated thing, as long as you have a team of knowledgable people working with you to make your life easier.

Data gathering and analysis

TND Capital specialist team of data analysis  department have been gathering and filtering market news, planning potential course of action for a collective time of 43 years

Constant information supply

Gathering all that information without being able to effectively convey and express is rather useless. TND Capital planner, advisor and execution teams are always in regular contact, to make sure you dont lose an opportunity of a century.